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Nick Baggett Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads
Nick - President, Director
 Deb - Director
Chris Scallon Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads
Chris - Director

Nick Baggett, SOCM - Retired

Nick Baggett is a retired SEAL with 28 years active duty service. He retired in 2013 as a Naval Special Warfare SEAL with a disabling illness plus injuries, causing severe neurological problems. When conventional medicine could not offer a satisfactory explanation or a diagnosis that matched the disabilities he was experiencing, he set out to find the answers himself. This proved to be a long and arduous process, with one redeeming side effect--the deeper he looked, the more Special Operation Forces (SOF) people he found who were also looking for answers from similar issues. Each SOF operator seems to find a piece of the puzzle and as they share their successes and dead ends they discover frustrating similarities: Bureaucratic red tape limiting the real causes or solutions while the suffering continues. Nick and his SOF friends refuse to become another veteran statistic but all have friends who committed suicide.  They believe this vast number of suicides is due to neurological injuries and the hopelessness of their suffering.  Because medical experts, military leaders, politicians and the VA do not have real solutions, time drags on, and more vets commit suicide or live in hell. 

In addition, Nick discovered that Fire Fighters, Police and First Responders also have injuries in common, due to absence of neurological function. A side effect of these symptoms is there is a destruction of the family unit, substance addictions, mis-diagnosis leading to over medicating, depression and suicide. It is his personal quest to find solutions for these problems of epidemic proportion, not only for these communities but for many other civilians who suffer from similar problems without answers.  He is part of the solution now, while finding answers at the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads.


Nick is an Alumni of the Honor Foundation and his top FIVE strengths include:

  1. Strategic: Forward thinking provides alternative and unconventional solutions to complex and old problems.

  2. Restorative: Identifies problems, finds solutions and is a problem solver.

  3. Context: Identify trends, study the past and apply it to present and future problems.

  4. Arranger: Organization skills, always develops a "Plan of Action and Milestones." Then sticks to it, but is flexible in the flow and has alternative plans for contingencies.

  5. Learner: Continuously learning and improving. Maintaining a cutting edge knowledge base.


Nick is a local business owner in Virginia Beach (7650), and is currently attaining a degree in Emergency Medical Services. He serves as the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads Executive Director and is the Founder of the Lewis Baggett Always Faithful Foundation.  He has written The Neuro Fusion Work-out Program and authored Blind Navigator, a game that focuses on improving the physical ability, teamwork and self-esteem for disabled veterans and civilians.  

Deb Wood, PhD, ND

"Traumas are experiences - they don't define us.  Almost everyone has experienced some sort of traumatic event in their lives and 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury each year in the United States alone.  Healers of all realms - Eastern and Western, must work non-stop to keep up with these massive numbers.  TBI and PTSD are the signature illnesses of our Veterans and First Responders.  These great American warriors and their families give more than their time, energy, and money - they give their lives.  As a grateful American - it's my duty to give back.  This is why I do what I do." -Deb Wood

  • Emphasis in Energy Medicine - 50 years

  • EVOX Practitioner and Certification (Reframing the Brain)

  • Best Selling Author: Settling with Power-3 Steps to Master Life

  • Founded Renova Wellness Center 2011 & Studied with:

          Dr. Doug Graham: Costa Rica Fasting Clinic

          Dr. Vincent J. Speckhart: Cancer/Energy Medicine

          Dr. Lambert T. Parker: Integrative Medicine, Brain Specialist/Internist

          T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (Cornell University)

  • LaSalle University - PhD, ND, Cum Laude

  • St. Leo University - BS Criminology, Cum Laude 

  • Old Dominion University - Physical Education Major

  • Stephen Covey Facilitator & Public Speaker:

          First Things First

          Principle Centered Leadership

          7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  • Graduate of Life Sciences Institute - Nutrition & Fasting

Qualifications of Dr. Deb

NEW Book on Suicide Coming Soon:

Warrior Wellness: Antidote to Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts. ~Deb Cox Wood, PhD, ND

Sergeant C.J. Scallon, MPsy., CCISM

CISM/Peer Support Unit, Director 
Norfolk Police Department

Northeastern University/IACP

Vicarious Trauma Fellow

“It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.”

Norfolk Police Department Emblem

Sergeant Chris Scallon is a retired 24+year veteran with the Norfolk Police Department, holds a Masters in Psychology, BS in Criminal Justice, and certified in Critical Incident Stress Management from the University of Maryland BC Emergency Health Services.


He is the current Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Peer Support Unit Director, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Co-Coordinator for the Norfolk Police Department. Sgt. Scallon is a peer for Virginia Law Enforcement Assistance Program (VALEAP), a certified peer with the West Coast Post Trauma Retreat/First Responder Support Network. Having been involved in multiple shootings he is intimately familiar with trauma and the consequences of exposure.


Chris is an approved instructor for International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) teaching Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor (Adult/Veteran Modules) through the National Council for Behavioral Health, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran’s Association (IAVA), Co-Founder of PsychCops Training and Consulting, and a Master Trainer for Homefront Protective Group teaching across the country and abroad.


Chris is the current Vicarious Trauma Fellow with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Northeastern University working on a national grant from the U.S. Department of Justice-Office of Victims of Crimes, creating an evidence-based vicarious trauma toolkit for first responders (e.g. EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, and Victim Advocates)


Chris is a U.S. Navy Veteran, served as a line officer in the Port Washington, NY Fire Department, Atlantic Hook & Ladder, Light and Heavy Rescue.


Chris was directly involved in multiple traumatic incidents within the aforementioned fire, military, and police agencies; in addition, to multiple deadly force encounters during his tenure as a police officer, both directly and indirectly. He has first-hand experience with the primary, secondary, and tertiary, effects of trauma-related to personal and professional relationships.


Chris has received numerous awards to include the National Top Cop award (NAPO), Virginia’s Public Safety Medal of Valor (presented by Former Governor Tim Kaine), and the Norfolk Police Department’s Medal of Honor. He has received multiple certifications from the Nassau County Fire Service Academy in Long Island, NY.  

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