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In 2007, I headed to Costa Rica to work with Dr. Doug Graham (80-10-10) at his Fasting Clinic. The goal was to reclaim my health and recover from the death of my husband, sweetheart and business partner - after losing him to chemotherapy - the killer of many in these dark ages of so-called, "medicine." "Let Food Be Thy Medicine."

During the 21 days of no food - just water - I dumped 20 pounds of hospital food weight - stress, diseases, puffiness and aging. Fasting is a miracle not often appreciated nor used today. The Bible recommends fasting and most of the great, wise men and women through the ages of time practiced and taught the art of fast healing - to go without food until health becomes restored.

The truest form of fasting is to only consume water - nothing else. For the first week of the fast, I had tons of energy, as if my body was grateful for the break from digestion. Digestion requires a great deal of energy from the body, especially under the circumstances we often indulge - we eat a variety or concoction of processed and often dead, fats, proteins, and carbs, all at the same meal, under stress and while experiencing a lack of sleep. Wow. That's a lot to expect of our best friend - our body.

The third day was the worst. My body screamed - "What the pho? Are you serious? Feed me! This isn't funny, anymore." But I just smiled, like a wise parent who knows what is best for the child. A lot of the other fasters experienced headaches, shaking and being cold even though the weather in March in Costa Rica was perfect - warm and sunny. Some fasters were there to get rid of an addiction - alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs, and it seemed their experiences were more extreme. My addiction was food and stress - mostly, potato chips and often I found myself thinking about them, craving them and even dreaming about them. Crazy, huh? It seems that what we crave might be our enemy.

After Day Three - I fell into the routine of living without food. The hardest part was undoing the brainwashing of my society - that fasting would kill me. If I missed one meal, I would be hurting myself - much less 21 days of NO meals. But, not thinking about meals - I had more time to pray, meditate, walk, and experience nature, read and rest. Fasting should be said to be a time when you are not just going without food, you are going without stress. The most important part of fasting is to rest. It took me a while to figure that out. In reality, I didn't even know what it meant to rest.

Because I trusted what I was doing was the best thing I could do for my health - at that time and place - I knew that fasting would quickly restore my health, I continued to reframe from food and stress for the entire 21 days. Surprisingly, I did not die. After those days of relief, in essence living in heaven - we broke our fasts with watermelon. I've never tasted food like that. Sweet, satisfying and sacred. We giggled as we celebrated our success - victory over the world and more importantly - over ourselves. We had met the enemy on the battlefield and it was us.

The most amazing transformation evidenced by every faster - was seen in the window to the soul: The eyes. Everyone who came to fast, upon arrival to Costa Rica had old looking, tired, puffy eyes and after fasting the eyes were bright, young again. Years of aging, stress, living under duress of the constant hammering of lies to eat, eat, eat - had gone away. (Along with a lot of FAT. It was a miracle.) Notice the before and after eyes:

Each person's life is a miracle. Our choices govern and cause the experiences we have. Regarding personal health, each must be respectful and supportive of the choices others make. My prescription for living the best life we can? Slow down, get some rest, take time to smell the flowers and instead of potato chips, eat a dandelion weed. It's so much better for you. Most importantly, don't be afraid to skip a meal or two. It could save your life. It did mine.

Have a blessed day. Do something nice for someone. It does a body good.

Fasting allows the body to heal, fast.

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