Take the Challenge to FEED THE BRAIN ...

The Renova Wellness Fair (Sponsored by The Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads & Float Norfolk) is finally happening next Saturday (May 20th from 10 to 6) at the Renova Center in Norfolk VA.

A Secret will be Revealed: This event will KICK OFF the Bare Bones Weight Loss Program.

What's it about? Losing Weight of course - for good. But there's something happening even better than losing weight ...

What? Come and see and take the Challenge. Here's a HINT: It has to do with FEEDING the BRAIN the right food and STARVING your pain (for good).

NOON- be there or stay "Square!" ... literally.

Say thanks to Veterans, First Responders and Come and ask God to Bless America, in person. MUSIC by L & the Nite Lites. They ROCK.

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