God Bless America ... Land That I Love ...

As I lived a life of FREEDOM this past weekend - my heart was humbled with the gratitude to be living in this country where we are free to enjoy a variety of freedoms. Especially grateful to all those who gave and continue to give their lives so we can continue to live FREELY.

These FREEDOMS included - a Church picnic where we were FREE to enjoy each other's company and openly pray together and speak of our FATHER and His SON. FREE to watch our children play ball, frisbee, and badminton, eat hotdogs, and other traditional American foods - only eaten once in a while, so appreciated and savored even more ... To be able to enjoy conversations with other believers of Christ - and watch families - husbands, wives and children have fun. It was pure heaven. The sounds of giggles and laughter from little children and even very tired adults - often burned out juggling life in this age of technology. I left my cell phone in the car. I felt so FREE to remove it from my person for a while.

This weekend was a time when being American was once again - a little slice of heaven on earth. I love this country which was established for religious freedom. While there are a few groups trying to control and limit our beliefs and practices to be Christians ... this weekend, we (the often silent majority) were FREE to stand up, pray out loud and step back in time - to a time when living life was more simple. More FREE.

As I watched my grandkids climb a tree (6 of them in the same small tree, while the 2 babies watched, anxious to grow up and have their turn) - I was overwhelmed with love for Him who gave this country to us and to my Church who teaches me how to have a personal relationship with Him and to my family who allows me to experience love.

Church took on a special meaning this Sunday - as we sang songs about America and prayed for our leaders, our military, and our country. Lee Greenwood tops off these great feelings with this song:

God Bless You All.


PS Did anyone see those "fireworks" from heaven on Saturday night? Oh my gosh. The lightening bolts were vertical, horizontal and travelled from the west over downtown Norfolk to the east past the Eastern Shore ... all different sizes and shapes - the sky loudly roaring and rumbling. The air was electrified. Best fireworks ever seen.

PSS Thanks to the intermittent storms we were allowed to stay inside for a while, and relax long enough to watch a movie: God is Not Dead2 (inspired by true events happening across our great nation) ... ( Excellent job Hollywood. God Bless teachers who are strong and care.

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