A BEMER Goes to Alaska

So, another BEMER is off to help Veterans. This one is going to Talkeetna AK where MANY Veterans will be able to experience the healing benefits of Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation and Vascular Therapy, i.e. The BEMER.

These guys have been waiting for over a year for Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads to raise the money. And it's finally going to happen. Thanks to Lesley Witt and Pete Monsen for all their hard work in getting Bemer education out to the masses - especially the masses in The Renova Center. This Bemer does amazing things ( and we invite you to come to the Center and check it out for yourself.

BTW I got a call last week from our Alaska Battle Dawgs angels. They were talking another Veteran off the ledge. They work non-stop to help our warriors. Look at this picture and you'll see them waiting patiently for its arrival.

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