Battle Dawgs - Not Just Another Pretty Face

When we talk about "decompression camps," especially in Alaska, some people think of a warrior's camp in Alaska as a once in a lifetime event or think it's just about hunting, fishing, northern lights, campfires, incredible food (salmon, halibut, moose etc), glacier flights, Denali, train rides, plane rides, gorgeous lodges, finding purpose, connecting with others who "get it," service dogs, puppies, near death experiences up the driveway of Camp Battle Dawgs, spectacular sunsets, target shooting, etc.

And it is all that - but it's also much more. The staff and Battle Dawgs Team has your back and barely a week goes by when they aren't in the trenches with a warrior contemplating suicide.

You might think this is all fun and games, and for many it is. For some it's the last hope of getting off the ledge ... of smiling again and feeling good about life. Just ask the families of the warriors who attend, and you'll know that Battle Dawgs is not just another pretty face.

This is serious business. Please get involved. We need your help.

Deb, Nick & Chris

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