Book Coming This Fall - The Truth About Suicide

Veteran Suicide is an epidemic problem, with numbers at 22 to 40 a day. The American Public Health Association March 2012, reports that the largest age group for Veteran suicide is 60-70 years old. This targets a Vietnam Era Veteran which according to a Rand report: (Veterans and PTSD 2012-2015) PTSD can become a factor in a Veteran life up to 30 years after discharge and they could have suffered without being aware of it.

The military doesn’t tract psychological illness of its members after discharge and the civilian side doesn’t either. The highest rate for attempted suicide are those who have depression, anxiety and PTSD. TBI is another factor that contributes to the same symptoms as listed above. According to the RAND Study over 260,000 Military Members from OEF and OIF have TBI. This study also states the military suicides are significantly higher than civilian suicides.

It is interesting that those who have a social support network often avoid suicide better than those who do not. It is also interesting to note that most veterans who commit suicide are on at least one anti-depressant and most, more than one.

These are just some of the reasons that the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads was established. Stopping Veteran Suicide was the top reason along with helping Veterans with hidden wounds find solutions to pursue for a higher quality and full life. Heal The Brain and Release The Pain is our motto and doing this without drugs is our most valued direction.

The Veteran Wellness Center, although established primarily for Veterans, First Responders, their families and friends, works with Renova Reset to help the civilian population access treatment options and reduce their suicide epidemic, through the use of reframing traumatic experiences using bio-communication (EVOX) and healing the body blood flow through bio-electro-magnetic-energy-regulation (BEMER).

A new book: “The Truth About Suicide,” written by Dr. Deb Wood and co-authored with Nick Baggett, is due for publishing in the fall of 2017. It addresses many significant suicide issues, the "recipe" and solutions for this epidemic - the "antidote." The book is helpful to anyone who has considered suicide along with those who know someone dealing with suicidal thoughts.

What are the signs/symptoms and how do we keep everyone affected - off the ledge? We believe this will be revealing and inspirational to this national tragedy and epidemic. Watch for it.

Nick Baggett, President

Heal the Brain – Release the Pain

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