From the President of Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads

It has been a long journey for the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads, in getting our plans completed. It began with a casual conversation about a year ago between two people sitting in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber - healing.

We have placed the final pieces of an All-Star line up in critical positions where they will have a positive influence on people and their quality of life. This process was not by accident nor was it in desperation just to get positions filled.

We had to be patient for the individuals who have been selected to be a part of this Team to come to us and we were able to complete that cycle yesterday evening. There will be additions in the future I’m sure, but the core of a phenomenal Team is established.

I plan to provide an introduction along with the amazing specific things they offer to our purpose in the future so you will know more about them. In addition to our Team, we have been surrounded by some of the most incredible Natural and Integrative Healer’s within The Renova Center, whose only desire is to provide you with improved health and a good quality of life. No one is going to get rich here – except in blessings for helping others.

I would like to provide special recognition to Dr. Deb Wood who has tirelessly worked on the creation of the Veteran Wellness Center fueled by her empathy and compassion for those she has so much love and respect for: Our Veterans, First Responders and their friends and families.

Second mention is Mr. Zach Schultes who has navigated the legal and business industry while enlightening and mentoring some of us less business savvy individuals on how to structure and frame our pathway to success in a world where there is little room for error, so we can focus on those we are meant to serve.

Very Respectfully,

Nicky Baggett,

President, Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads

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