Integrative Medicine and The Veteran Wellness Center

At the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads we combine Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Sensory Deprivation Float Tanks, Infrared Therapy, Various Massage Therapies, BEMER, PEMFT (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy), EVOX, Zyto, Neuro Fusion Workouts, Exercise, Nutrition, Counseling and Art and Music Therapy, under one roof. It is a one stop shop for Integrative therapy and treatments. Seven of these are FDA approved treatment and therapeutic devices. The remaining 4 are recognized as positive life style habits.

Many people associate Integrative and holistic healing practices as a bunch of mumbo-jumbo or un-scientifically proven nonsense. Often the Natural and Holistic Healers are referred to as bogus or even charlatans.

These integrative medical practices find their roots in ancient medical history dating back thousands of years, and some were developed by NASA to support Astronauts in limited or zero gravity.

In the book Scared Sick, by Robin Karr Morse and Meredith S Wiley, they speak about a fairly modern medical practice that was accepted as truth when it fortunately was debunked in 1986 and ceased to be allowed in the United States in 1987, although heated debates continue today.

The Medical belief was that premature babies could not yet feel physical pain, and 50% of babies less than 1500 grams would have a routine procedure done that consisted of placing two incisions in the neck, cutting through the sternum to the back bone and separating the rib cage in order to conducting the procedure and without anesthesia. They were only given a paralytic drug to keep them still during the operation. Today pre-mature babies are given anesthesia to limit the trauma associated with surgery.

Medical science tells us to go see a specialist or an MD to get scientifically proven treatment. We also tell you and everyone else to seek advice from a specialist or their Medical Doctor because the information and modalities that we use and share are to educate people about Integrative and Holistic Medical options that have been proven to work. You often find few studies conducted on the Integrative and Holistic treatments due mainly to lack of funding, but these treatments have withstood the test of time.

I am not bashing Science and medical advancements that save lives, there are some incredibly brilliant and empathetic scientists and medical professionals who dedicate their life to easing pain and suffering. If you need emergency care - run, don't walk to the USA Medical Field. Chronic dis-eases - you might want to run, don't walk AWAY from the USA Medical Field.

We trust the lives of our Service men and women, Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement Personnel, their quality of life, and their families well being to a medical system that does not treat the problem but often treats the symptoms of the problems, with pharmaceuticals and limited therapy options. When it doesn’t work they often decide it is a mystery and diagnose it as a syndrome while at the same time, labeling you with a diagnosis that can affect your job capability or retirement..

It is time to change the paradigm of how we treat these individuals who suffer from unseen injuries, illnesses and silent killers. At the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads we have changed the approach for healing neurological injuries, illnesses, PTSD, TBI and addiction. It’s natural and un-intrusive.

It is also inexpensive. Check us out.

Nick Baggett, President

Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads

Heal the Brain – Release the Pain

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