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We are blessed as a nation with our medical advancements. As I have said before we have some incredible scientists and doctors. Especially in the Emergency Medical Services, and preventive campaigns such as wearing seat belts.

However, there seems to be a shift in the way the general populace accepts medical establishments and their medical practices. Often people feel uncomfortable with a physician who spends only 30 minutes or less per patient and a third of that time is spent out of the examination room checking on diagnosis possibilities from a computer.

If they cannot find an answer they often pass you on to a specialist and maybe to yet another specialist. Then there is a medicine approach to cure what ails you but often it is not a cure but a medication to make the symptoms more tolerable, and it gets very complicated when they are treating something in a grey area, such as Fibromyalgia where they have to try several medications that may or may not dull the symptoms.

Then more medicine is added to treat side effects or reactions to the other medications. Pharmaceuticals are given for every situation, even other pharmaceuticals.

I’m 51 and if I live to be 80 and I take a medication starting now which most people do, I wonder what side effects I will experience after taking the drug for 30 years and if these drugs are the reason I die at 80 instead of 85?

The Holistic and Integrative medicine approach encompasses the whole Mind, Body and Soul, and believes that these three are interrelated and cannot be divided. So if one is out of whack, it affects the next one, which affects the third one, which affects the other two.

A lot of people view Holistic as some form of Wika, or superstitious garbage since it contains herbs and not medicine from a pharmaceutical company and there are those who compare Holistic Medicine with people who dress like a hippy and just talk about their zodiac sign and what kind of Herbs they need to work in rhythm with the planetary arrangements and their Zodiac. This is not a Holistic Healer even if it is considered natural.

Although it is often not considered scientific, holistic medicine has a long tradition of helping people get well with little to no side affects.

So what is the difference between the Holistic approach and the Medical Scientific approach? One works off the natural balance of the Body, Mind and Soul to build the immune system which can heal the overall person as a whole. The other - Medical Science involves man made pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms of an illness. Only the body can heal - drugs do not heal.

Some religions have issues with Holistic and Integrative Medicine, since it has a stereotype that it is not of of God and God gave us science to provide us with the right answers.

Here are a few points to ponder about that:

  • If Holistic medicine is not by God then, when science began Western Medicine as we know it, made the guidelines God gave to Moses about diet obsolete since he the gave directions to Moses to eat the healthy things.

  • Eating a clean diet and being emotionally stable, is different from medicine, which contains chemicals, opiates and causes addiction or stacked anti-depressants, which are mind altering. Both of which can cause digestive problems and both have been linked to death in various ways, from suicide to overdose.

  • If science offers the best solutions for Medical treatments then why did we conduct prefrontal lobotomies, or believe premature babies could feel pain so they were operated on without anesthesia.

  • The world is a stressful place and few people have enough time to accomplish their entire task. Why not meditate or do yoga or exercise or spend time making the time to do something relaxing, to help you unwind and rejuvenate. These are holistic approaches rather than having to take anxiety medications or maybe having a nervous break down. Stress is a killer, a relationship destroyer and just about bad for everything. except when our stress system does what it was designed to do, such as a short flight or fight scenario.

Holistic healing is about re-setting your emotional and mental health, eating a pure and natural diet that is right for your condition and being content with your personal relationship with God and being at peace. Peaceful people are generally not angry warts. Holistic is as ageless as Acupuncture or Chiropractic and it is not magic, it is Holistic.

There are debates about every thing and these topics are no different. There will probably never be an end to the debates and arguments on this topic. So the best recommendation is to find what works for you, just keep in mind there is no magic pill that cures everything and a Holistic treatment involves a life style change for the rest of your life that involves your mind, body and soul.

These types of Holistic practices are what the Veteran Wellness Center focuses on as well as human interaction.

We care about The Veterans and their families who come to us in search of answers. We are there to help you through any setbacks and overcome any obstacles. We want those who are sick or injured to Reset and be healthy in the whole body of Mind, Body and Soul and regain their quality of life without the use of chemicals.

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy

It's a Jungle of Confusion and Mis-Information Out There

We've got your back - Because we care.

Nick Baggett, President

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