MAY 9TH AT 12:30

A Question & Answer Lecture:

"The Truth About Suicide,"

with Nick Baggett & Dr. Deb Wood

Suicide is at epidemic levels "in the land of the free and the home of the brave." People from all walks of life, but especially military veterans and first responders, are resorting to suicide as their last solution.

WHY? Can we do anything about it? Join us to talk about the tools needed to protect yourself and the ones you love from making a final act of suicide. Armed with knowledge, we can help stop the tragic new wave of self-inflicted violence.

Research reveals there are ingredients making up a "recipe" for suicide coming from the punishment our country's heroes suffer when they return to a struggling country where faith is wavering, and compounded by a lack of health and well-being taking its toll on the entire population.

This recipe can often be prevented, and the "antidote" lies in knowing how to heal truly. We will show you how to be safe, be well, and be happy because it's a jungle out there. Suicide can happen to anyone.

There is a recipe. What is it?

There is an antidote. What is it?

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