Suicide - Not Just Another Pretty Face

This is a chapter out of Volume Two - The Truth About Suicide: HOPE.

The Words “Committed Suicide”

The more we use the words committed suicide, the more we dull the perception of what it involves. So instead of saying committed suicide, describe what that looks like. Shot themselves doesn’t explain how traumatizing this is to the survivors or the ones who find them—a child, son or daughter, a spouse, parent or officer. How did they do it? It leaves a visual image of the horrendous act—and it doesn’t dumb it down. A graphic picture doesn’t allow the romanticizing of death.

Visual images should be captured here since we want to make as significant an impact as possible. When you shoot yourself, you have no way of knowing for sure if you will leave a single clean hole in your head, or if you will splatter your brains all over the place: Pulp Fiction style, or maybe leave a partial face for someone to find.

If you have never smelt a dead human body decomposing, you are lucky. You never forget the smell, and what you saw will be triggered every time you smell death.

Have you ever thought about when a person hangs themselves how they look? Most people do not hang themselves with a hood on, so you get the full visual effect of bulging eyes, complete loss of bodily functions such as bladder and bowels. Someone, a child or family member goes in the garage to tell you supper is ready, and this is what they find.

Losing a loved one to suicide often causes a chain-reaction for history to repeat itself, so make sure you leave lots of money to pay for their many years of therapy.

Even if you poison yourself, you will look dead when you are found, pasty white grayish skin with dilated eyes and blood that has settled to your lowest parts of your body.

A body in the water for a while? Horrific. Ugly. Inhuman. Decomposition from marine life such as crabs, maggots, flies, and animals possibly having eaten parts of the body; and flesh that falls off bones.

How about death by automobile? Many times, in high-speed motorcycle crashes, your body parts may have to be collected in multiple bags and look like goulash. Trauma in a car wreck is still trauma with lots of blood and gore causing a lot of work for the funeral home if you can even have an open casket.

Death is not pretty, and you do not just die and leave a beautiful corpse for people to remember you. You leave images that can scar people for the rest of their lives. Even if they do not find you but look into the investigative files at a later date describing the scene with supporting forensics and photographs—you have just handed them a traumatic experience.

We cannot feel the despair people must feel to conclude suicide to be the best choice and still decide to do it. To leave this legacy to those they love and want to protect or love them? Some people cannot see it for what it really is, some are just selfish and don’t care, some you can change their thoughts and some you cannot, but when asking the hard questions, there may be a time you can sober them up with these points. At least, we have to try.

Aren’t these people the same ones you vowed to protect?

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