The Veteran Wellness Center has a new attitude. Along with our ongoing successful mission to end suicide among veterans and others, we now are determined to END Human Trafficking, especially the 83 children who are kidnapped every hour off the streets of the United States of America.

We are sickened with that number in the same way we are sickened by the 22 a day suicides among our brothers and sisters. ONE is too many.

This must stop and we are just the ones to stop it.

Our Veteran and First Responder fighting and survival skills are massive.

If you are sickened by Slavery from Human Trafficking, sign your name and JOIN THE FIGHT for freedom. America has always led the fight for freedom against slavery and injustice.


Because it is the right thing to do and we live in a country blessed by God himself.


JOIN THE FIGHT to STOP Human Trafficking:

  • Contact us that you are interested.

  • Join the greatest freedom heroes in the world: Moses, Abraham Lincoln, You.

  • Sign up for a workshop.

  • Stay tuned for the EVENT of the century: Sheriff Mack's "We the People" and the Constitution of the United States.

  • Knowledge is POWER.

  • Education is key.

  • Start with the greatest freedom document ever written: The United States Constitution

  • Read what others are doing to RESCUE & RESTORE our children.




Start with saving the 83 an hour children being kidnapped as we speak. Now that we know that, how many are being taken while we sleep?

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