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Annie Palumbo

Child Advocate in Schools & the Border

Annie is an activist on fire for Jesus and fighting for those without a voice.

She recently gained national attention in her fight against the Virginia Beach school board as a mom fighting for her kid.

Currently, Annie helps to lead the fight against the local school board. Her passion is unmasking our kids. She is currently on a team working to recall 6 of 11 school board members and runs the un_mask_our_kids_vb page.

Annie’s fight went viral when her speech to the local school board gained national attention. She landed a few spots on Fox, Newsmax, America First with Sebastian Gorka, Dan Bongino, David Harris, Jr, Jesse Waters, and many more. She likened her speech to Jesus flipping over the tables in the town square.

Annie recently joined Women Fighting for America on a team fighting human trafficking at the border.

She is on the Board of Directors for Christian Patriots United and is the Press Secretary for Jeff Zink who is running for Congress in the 7th district of Arizona.

When Annie isn’t fighting to save the world, she is a full-time Realtor who has been featured on two HGTV shows. Her most important job, is being a mom to a high school senior, and last, but not least, she is the owner of a Christian lifestyle brand called Silent Warrior Wear.

Annie Palumbo