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Matt Strickland

Advocate of Constitutional Rights

Virginia Restaurateur Matt Strickland
Virginia Restaurateur Matt Strickland Fights For Science, The Constitution, And Common Sense
Virginia restaurateur Matt Strickland, the owner of Gourmeltz restaurant in Spotsylvania, operated in defiance of the state’s effort to shut his restaurant down over issues of compliance with Governor Ralph Northam’s arbitrary and capricious COVID-19 restrictions.

Mr. Strickland refused to stop serving food and alcohol at Gourmeltz despite having his licenses suspended by the Virginia Health Department. Strickland claims that mandates from Northam in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are unconstitutional.

​The State of Virginia sued Mr. Strickland and lost. Gourmeltz remains open to the day - usually to full capacity.

Matt Strickland