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Paul Lott

Paul Lott for Congress 2022

Paul Lott is an Army veteran with over 30 years of consulting, engineering, and education technology experience. While primarily focusing on education technology since 2013, Mr. Lott has done extensive systems architecture and development work in large Federal agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and other commercial enterprises.

He has served in both senior technical and senior management positions over his career, for example, spending two years as a semiconductor engineer working in Japan and 3 years as a Vice President of a large manufacturer of durable medical products. His domains of expertise include education technology, human learning patterns, large-scale systems development, and statistical analysis.

Mr. Lott has also taken time out from work to serve as a full-time pastor for almost two years. He is an author publishing his first book, The Revelare: Truths Hidden in Plain Sight” which is a former bestseller on Amazon for young adult readers.

He has resided in Northern Virginia since 2006 full time but was previously posted to the Defense Systems Management College, Fort Belvoir, Virginia in the late 1980s while in the Army serving as technical staff and instructor. Mr. Lott is a lifelong history buff focusing on Revolutionary and Civil War history.

Paul Lott
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