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Tanya Gould

Survivor. Advocate. Leader.

Tanya Gould is a survivor of human trafficking, mother of three, grandmother of four, and proven leader who has dedicated her career to fighting for those needing to be heard.

When Tanya was 18 years old, she entered into an abusive relationship that resulted in her being trafficked for nearly two years. Today, Tanya is an advocate for victims and has worked with the Departments of Labor, Homeland Security, and Housing to pass policies to help end human trafficking. A national leader on trafficking, Tanya has served on advisory committees for three Presidential Administrations. She also partners with Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters where she mentors young victims.

Tanya wants to make a difference in Virginia and ran for House of Delegates. She's a fighter. She has a story to tell.

Tanya Gould